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Completed Projects (Tasks)


Completed Projects (Tasks)

So far, 60 projects have been completed. Details are provided on the respective subpages. Project reports - if not restricted in dissemination - are also available from the Task subpages or by clicking "Project Reports" in the main menu under publications.

Task 63: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Task 60: The Progress of Advanced Marine Fuels

Task 59: Lessons Learned from Alternative Fuel Experiences

Task 58: Transport Decarbonisation

Task 57: Heavy Duty Vehicle Evaluation

Task 56: Methanol as Motor Fuel

Task 55: Real Driving Emissions and Fuel Consumption

Task 54: GDI Engines and Alcohol Fuels

Task 53-1: Sustainable Bus Systems (Phase 1)

Task 52: Fuels for Efficiency

Task 51: Methane Emission Control

Task 50: Fuel and Technology Alternatives in Non-Road Engines

Task 49: COMVEC - Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Commercial Vehicles

Task 48: Value Proposition Study on Natural Gas Pathways for Road Vehicles

Task 47: Reconsideration of DME Fuel Specifications for Vehicles

Task 46: Alcohol Application in CI Engines

Task 45: Synthesis, characterization and use of hydro treated oils and fats for engine operation

Task 44: Research on Unregulated Pollutants Emissions of Vehicles Fuelled with Alcohol Alternative Fuels

Task 43: Performance Evaluation of Passenger Car Fuel and Powerplant Options

Task 42: Toxicity of Exhaust Gases and Particles from IC-Engines - International Activities Survey

Task 41: Alternative Fuels for Marine Applications - Future Marine Fuels Study

Task 40: Life Cycle Analysis of Transportation Fuel Pathways

Task 39: Enhanced Emission Performance and Fuel Efficiency for HD Methane Engines

Task 38: Environmental Impact of Biodiesel Vehicles

Task 37: Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Buses

Task 36: Measurement Technologies for Emissions from Ethanol Fuelled Vehicles – METEV

Task 35-1: Ethanol as a Fuel for Road Transportation

Task 35-2: Particle Measurements: Ethanol and Butanol in DISI Engines

Task 34-1: Analysis of Biodiesel Options

Task 34-2: Algae as a Feedstock for Biofuels

Task 33: Particle Emissions of 2-S Scooters

Task 32: Cancelled

Task 31: Production and use of Synthetic Vehicle Fuels Made by Fischer-Tropsch Technique

Task 30: Bio-safety Assessment: Animal Fat in Biodiesel

Task 29: Evaluation of Duty cycles for Heavy-Duty Urban Vehicles

Task 27: Standardization of Alternative Fuels

Task 26: Alcohols and Ethers as Oxygenates in Diesel Fuel

Task 25: Fuel Effects on Emissions from Non-Road Engines

Task 24: Advanced Motor Fuel Information Exchange

Task 23: Cancelled

Task 22: Particulate Emissions at Moderate and Cold Temperatures Using Different Fuels

Task 21: Deployment Strategies for Hybrid, Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Task 20: DME as an Automotive Fuel II

Task 19: New Fuels for New Engines

Task 18: Future Greener Diesel Fuels

Task 17: Real Impact of New Technologies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Task 16: Biodegradable Lubricants

Task 15: Implementation Barriers of Alternative Fuels

Task 14: Feasibility of DME as a Fuel in Diesel Engines

Task 13: Emission performance of selected biodiesel fuels

Task 12: Particulate Emissions from Alternative Fuelled Vehicles

Task 11: Forecasting and Planning Tools for Alternative Fuels and Related Infrastructure

Task 10: Characterisation of New Fuel Qualities

Task 9: Automotive Fuels Information Service

Task 8: Heavy-Duty Vehicles on Alternative Fuels

Task 7: Comparison of Relative Environmental Impacts of Alternative and Conventional Fuels

Task 6: State-of-the-art Report on Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel

Task 5: Performance evaluation of alternative fuel/engine concepts

Task 4: Production of Alcohols and Other Oxygenates from Fossil Fuels and Renewables

Task 3: Diesel Field Trials and Diesel field Trials Analyses

Task 2: Technology Information Exchange on Alternative Motor Fuels

Task 1: Alcohols and Alcohol Blends as Motor Fuels