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Task 35-1


Ethanol as a Fuel for Road Transportation


Ethanol is an excellent alternative fuel for road vehicle application. If the application of ethanol is going to increase, there is a demand for rather technical, but easily understood, information about the applicability of ethanol as an engine fuel. This is necessary in order to eliminate the skepticism among people, who do not know about this fuel.

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this project was to provide an easily read technical report about the applicability of ethanol as an engine fuel. The report should describe the potential for ethanol application in the member countries participating in this annex. The results from the investigations of the member countries´ situations should be extrapolated to recommendations for worldwide implementation in a near future.


The main project is inspired by the discussions from the IEA/AMF Executive Committee discussions in addressing the following questions:

  1. "Gasoline/Ethanol blends. How much ethanol can be tolerated by gasoline vehicles?"
  2. "True performance of FFV vehicles?"
  3. "Conceptual studies for optimized ethanol engines"
  4. "Diesel/ethanol blends?"
  5. "The need for ethanol blended fuels"
  6. "Differentiation of bio from mineral derived ethanol"
  7. "How ethanol blends perform in GDI vehicles"
  8. "The need for fuel specifications for ethanol blended fuels"


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