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Task 3


Diesel Field Trials and Diesel field Trials Analyses


In the period 1986 - 1987, many nations were undertaking or preparing to undertake alcohol fuelled diesel engine fleld triais. Most major engine manufacturers had some activities underway in this area. The total extent of the activities was unclear, however. Also, it was agreed that it was likely that many of the technical difflculties would be common between fleets and that sharing of fleet experiences and solutions would speed research, development and demonstration of alcohol fuels in diesel engines among participating countries.

The overall objectives of Task 3 are to collect, assess and disseminate data on the use of methanol fuel in heavy duty compression ignition engines.

  • Establish comprehensive data base on use of methanol in heavy duty CI engines.
  • Categorize data by subject area: engine/vehicle design features, emissions characteristics, fuel formulation, vehicle fleet test operating results, economics of operation
  • Perform comparative analysis to: identify problems, assess technical progress, assess R&D results, assess operating economics
  • Develop computerized database for subsequent assessment updates
  • Prepare and submit annual reports describing data base content, results analysis per task 2 categories, bibliography and annual briefing of Executive Committee meetings
  • (Optional) Develop semi-annual "newsletter-type " updates

The following outputs have been submitted: "IEAMAIN" data collection system, Computer software, user guide and updates; On-line methanol fuels database and access facilities (Ongoing); Annual report and other reports.


  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • USA