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Task 36


Measurement Technologies for Emissions from Ethanol Fuelled Vehicles


In recent years, hydrocarbon, aldehyde, and alcohol tailpipe emissions from flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) fueled by alcohols have received increased attention in Europe together with an increased and expanding interest in alternative fuels for vehicle propulsion. Because alcohol fuel blends have different fuel properties as compared to conventional fuels (such as gasoline/diesel), it is important to study factors that affect the reproducibility and repeatability of the hydrocarbon (HC) measurements from such vehicles. Aldehyde and alcohol tailpipe emission measurements need to be further evaluated (i.e., by comparing different measurement methods).

Purpose and Objective

The aim of the project was to provide crucial information for developing the methodology for measuring HC, aldehyde, and alcohol tailpipe emissions from ethanol-powered vehicles. The project also aimed to find a simplified method by using today’s advanced measurement technology that can account for differences in harmfulness between exhausts from gasoline and ethanol-powered vehicles.


  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • United States