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Task 24


Advanced Motor Fuel Information Exchange


Under the previous Task 9 –which terminated in June 1999- an information service called IEA AMF/AFIS (IEA Automotive Fuels Information Service) was set up and operated. IEA AMF/AFIS produced five volumes of the ‘Automotive fuels survey’ for AMF, and worked in parallel for third parties under separate contracts. During their meeting in June 1999, the participants in the AMF ExCo expressed that a continuation of the information service IEA AMF/AFIS under the auspices of the Implementing Agreement was desired. This task forms that continuation. Each year three annual newsletters on automotive fuels, similar to the newsletters (the ‘IEA AMF/AFIS Fuels update’) that earlier were prepared on behalf of AMF. The newsletters describe the latest worldwide developments on automotive fuels, with emphasis on activities that are covered by the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement.


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