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Work within AMF is carried out in individual projects (tasks). Detailed information on each of the projects can be assessed through the links below.

An overview table on currently active projects and the respective contacts is available here.

Chronological order of projects

New Task: Recent Progress in SAF Research - coming soon

New Task: Exhaust After-Treatment Systems - coming soon

Task 65: Powertrains options for non-road mobile machinery

Task 64: E-fuels and End-use Perspectives

Task 63: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Task 62: Wear in Engines using Alternative Fuels

Task 61: Remote Emission Sensing

Task 60: The Progress of Advanced Marine Fuels

Task 59: Lessons Learned from Alternative Fuels Experience

Task 58: The Role of Advanced Renewable Transport Fuels in the Decarbonisation of Transport in 2030 and beyond

Task 57: Heavy Duty Vehicle Evaluation

Task 56: Methanol as Motor Fuel

Task 55: Real Driving Emissions and Fuel Consumption

Task 54: GDI Engines and Alcohol Fuels

Task 53-2: Sustainable Bus Systems (Phase 2)

Task 53-1: Sustainable Bus Systems (Phase 1)

Task 52: Fuels for Efficiency

Task 51: Methane Emission Control

Task 50: Fuel and Technology Alternatives in Non-Road Engines

Task 49: COMVEC - Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Commercial Vehicles

Task 48: Value Proposition Study on Natural Gas Pathways for Road Vehicles

Task 47: Reconsideration of DME Fuel Specifications for Vehicles

Task 46: Alcohol Application in CI Engines

Task 45: Synthesis, characterization and use of hydro treated oils and fats for engine operation

Task 44: Research on Unregulated Pollutants Emissions of Vehicles Fuelled with Alcohol Alternative Fuels

Task 43: Performance Evaluation of Passenger Car Fuel and Powerplant Options

Task 42: Toxicity of Exhaust Gases and Particles from IC-Engines - International Activities Survey

Task 41: Alternative Fuels for Marine Applications - Future Marine Fuels Study

Task 40: Life Cycle Analysis of Transportation Fuel Pathways

Task 39: Enhanced Emission Performance and Fuel Efficiency for HD Methane Engines

Task 38: Environmental Impact of Biodiesel Vehicles

Task 37: Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Buses

Task 36: Measurement Technologies for Emissions from Ethanol Fuelled Vehicles – METEV

Task 35-1: Ethanol as a Fuel for Road Transportation

Task 35-2: Particle Measurements: Ethanol and Butanol in DISI Engines

Task 34-1: Analysis of Biodiesel Options

Task 34-2: Algae as a Feedstock for Biofuels

Task 33: Particle Emissions of 2-S Scooters

Task 32: Cancelled

Task 31: Production and use of Synthetic Vehicle Fuels Made by Fischer-Tropsch Technique

Task 30: Bio-safety Assessment: Animal Fat in Biodiesel

Task 29: Evaluation of Duty cycles for Heavy-Duty Urban Vehicles

Task 28: Information Service & AMF Website (AMFI)

Task 27: Standardization of Alternative Fuels

Task 26: Alcohols and Ethers as Oxygenates in Diesel Fuel

Task 25: Fuel Effects on Emissions from Non-Road Engines

Task 24: Advanced Motor Fuel Information Exchange

Task 23: Cancelled

Task 22: Particulate Emissions at Moderate and Cold Temperatures Using Different Fuels

Task 21: Deployment Strategies for Hybrid, Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Task 20: DME as an Automotive Fuel II

Task 19: New Fuels for New Engines

Task 18: Future Greener Diesel Fuels

Task 17: Real Impact of New Technologies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Task 16: Biodegradable Lubricants

Task 15: Implementation Barriers of Alternative Fuels

Task 14: Feasibility of DME as a Fuel in Diesel Engines

Task 13: Emission performance of selected biodiesel fuels

Task 12: Particulate Emissions from Alternative Fuelled Vehicles

Task 11: Forecasting and Planning Tools for Alternative Fuels and Related Infrastructure

Task 10: Characterisation of New Fuel Qualities

Task 9: Automotive Fuels Information Service

Task 8: Heavy-Duty Vehicles on Alternative Fuels

Task 7: Comparison of Relative Environmental Impacts of Alternative and Conventional Fuels

Task 6: State-of-the-art Report on Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel

Task 5: Performance evaluation of alternative fuel/engine concepts

Task 4: Production of Alcohols and Other Oxygenates from Fossil Fuels and Renewables

Task 3: Diesel Field Trials and Diesel field Trials Analyses

Task 2: Technology Information Exchange on Alternative Motor Fuels

Task 1: Alcohols and Alcohol Blends as Motor Fuels