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Task 20


DME as an Automotive Fuel II


The result of the Task 20 is twofold:

A) Technical research in the area of DME fuel injection systems.
B) Support for international cooperation to stimulate the development of DME as a new fuel. This was supported by organising workshops and distributing newsletters.

The work also resulted in the foundation of the International DME Association and in a EU project about the development of a DME fuelled truck.

The technical work :

- A test procedure to test material (wear) properties with DME
- Advise on wear resistant coatings for DME fuel injection system parts
- Selection of elastomers suitable for sealing DME fuel systems
- Determination of influence of additives on DME lubricity and viscosity.


  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • USA plus four sponsors