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Task 33


Particle Emissions of 2-S Scooters


The serious health effects of particle emissions from traffic are known from the discussions about diesel engines technology and legislation. In this context the particle emissions of small 2-S engines without recirculation of the lubricant cannot be neglected any more. A particular concern is about the 2-S scooters, which in several countries are used very much in congested city centers.

Purpose and Objective

According to the participation of different partners there are following objectives of the activities:

  • basic research of the 2-S aerosols, their composition with different lube oils and fuels and with different engine technology
  • study of sampling and measuring procedures for particle mass and particle size distribution
  • research of improvements of exhaust gas after-treatment systems
  • toxicity and new methods of health effects research
  • new inputs for industrial partners concerning their products
  • new inputs for the legal authorities
  • AMF Task 33: including of new partners, who actively work in this field and creation of further collaboration and/or information exchange.


  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • JRC EU Laboratories