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Annex 1: Alcohols and Alcohol Blends as Motor Fuels

Final Report

Alcohols and alcohol blends as motor fuels - not available electronically


This first co-operative project within IEA/AMF had as objectives
1) to collect, classify, and comment on data obtained by international experience in the generation and use of alcohols and alcohol blends as motor fuels;
2) to collect guidelines that could be used in choosing nationaal strategies for replacing motor fuels in whole or in part by alcohols and
3) to obtain appropriate proposals for relevant developments in this field and to identify the potential need for future evaluation, analysis and development programmes.

The project resulted in a comprehensive report printed in 2 000 copies and distributed worldwide. The Executive Summary (Vol I) has two main chapters 1) "State-of-the-art summary" of technical, environmental, and economic data in Vol II and 2) "Conclusions and Guidelines" summarizing analyses, evaluations and assessments of a policy character contained in Vol II and expressing the consensus, that is, the essence of the study as agreed upon by the representatives of the participating countries.


  • Canada
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • USA

Operating Agent

Claës Pilo
SDAB, Sweden