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Biofuels and air quality

The AMF experts Nils-Olof Nylund and Päivi Aakko-Saksa produced a section of 5 pages on the air quality implications of transport biofuel consumption for the IEA’s renewable energy market report ‘Renewables 2018’. The text is based on knowledge gained through AMF work and on information displayed in the Fuel Info section of the AMF website.

The five pages explain the different types of air pollutant emissions from road transport and their impact on human health, the influence of engine type and aftertreatment technology on air pollutant emissions, describe how biofuel consumption alters air pollutant emissions compared with fossil fuels, and the net effect of biofuel consumption on air pollutant emissions.

Fuel Info: http://iea-amf.org/content/fuel_information/fuel_info_home

Biofuels and air quality: http://iea-amf.org/content/publications/biofuelsandairquality