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Modern diesel cars on-road emissions

New data released by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association provides evidence that latest-generation diesel cars emit low on-road pollutant emissions. This data was measured in real-driving conditions by the drivers of the various national type approval authorities.

Some 270 new types of diesel cars type-approved against the latest Euro 6d-TEMP standard were introduced on the European market over the past year. The new data shows that all of these diesel cars performed well below the NOx threshold of the real driving emissions (RDE) test, which applies to all new car types since September 2017. RDE measures key pollutants, such as NOx and particles, emitted by cars while driven on public roads over a wide range of conditions. RDE ensures that pollutant emission levels measured during the laboratory test (WLTP) are confirmed on the road, and that the legal thresholds are not exceeded during day-to-day driving.

The German automobile club, ADAC, estimates that there are more than 1,200 different RDE-compliant cars available today. ADAC recently performed an on-road testing of RDE-compliant diesel vehicles and found that modern diesels emit 85% less NOx on average than Euro 5 cars.

Source/ find out more: www.acea.be/press-releases/article/diesel-new-data-proves-that-modern-diesel-cars-emit-low-pollutant-emissions  

ADAC overview of RDE-compliant cars: www.adac.de/infotestrat/umwelt-und-innovation/abgas/modelle_mit_euro_6d_temp/