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Sweden to go carbon-neutral by 2045

Under the proposed Climate Act which is backed by seven out of eight parties in the Swedish Parliament, the government of Sweden will be required by law to include a climate report in the country's annual budget and to produce a climate action plan every four years at the beginning of each new parliamentary term. The Climate Act would see the nation cut territorial emissions at least 85 per cent from 1990 levels and offset the remaining 15% by investing in green projects overseas.

Sweden is already on target to generate all of its electricity from renewables by 2040. Last year, the country secured 57% of its power from renewables including wind and hydro. The proposal will now be examined by the legislative council before the full legislative proposal is published next month with more details on how the goal will be achieved to be released in June. It is believed that action will focus on the greening of the transportation sector as well as a new strategy to deal with emissions from consumer goods imports.

Source: http://www.bioenergy-news.com/display_news/11830/sweden_plans_to_go_carbonneutral_by_2045/