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Pulp-mill integrated biomethanol production

The largest forest-owner association in Sweden and an international forest industry group will invest more than SEK 100 million in the production of biomethanol, a sustainable fuel from forest raw material. The project will commence in autumn 2017 and is scheduled to be ready for operation by spring 2019. The aim is to produce 5,000 tons of biomethanol per year at a new facility to be situated at a pulp mill at Mönsterås. The long-term aim is to further increase production for passenger, truck and ship transport.

The biomethanol will be made from the crude methanol produced by the manufacturing process at the pulp mill. It will be part of the circular process that already exists, in which all parts of the forest raw material are used for the best possible effect. The first delivery will reach the market in spring 2019.

Source: Press Release 2017-09-05
Link: https://www.sodra.com/en/about-sodra/press/press-releases/2658273/